Why to choose us

Why to choose us

Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is a key element to booking travel over the internet. Our primary reservation call centre is located in Lahore and staffed with some of the most experienced travel agents in the industry. Our clients appreciate our commitment to customer service and email us constantly with their positive comments and appreciation.

Enjoy a crafted experience by our travel consultants with featured partners, who were chosen to be a member of our portfolio for their unwavering commitment to the traveller’s experience, an unmatched dedication to innovation, and a superior desire to inspire.

Capable Hands

You’re always in capable hands when you’re choosing a company like Plan My Travel Limited. There’s a tour for all kinds of travellers, whether they’re traveling alone, with a loved one or with the entire family. There’s an experience that feels special, irrespective of interests. You’ll always be treated like a celebrity, avoid queues in many attractions, stay in some of the most delectable hotels and get access to the best amenities.

Authentic Experiences

Meeting the right people not only introduces you to a new culture, it also helps you learn more about the place you’re visiting, its customs, its history and the local way of life. Meeting and interacting with these insiders will open up that new world in a way you never thought possible.

We Make It Easy - To Save Money

Booking with us is the most convenient way to create a holiday that you can be sure will suit you, without the big price tag. All you have to do is ring us and our travel advisers take care of the rest.

Exclusive Deals

Many of the traditional big brand operators don't have the flexibility we do, because we're independent. This means we can find you cheap flights and get you into places that give us special deals, or upgrades. There are no middlemen, so we always pass the savings on to you.

A Sustainable Approach

What makes Plan My Travel so unique is its ability to deeply touch and evolve the destinations it caters to.

Talented, friendly and cooperative staff

Our talented and well-trained staff is our true asset. Customers are our first and foremost priority and we believe in the phrase “Customers are the king of market” and we treat our customers in the same way.

24/7 service centre

We don’t leave you alone in the times of any inconvenience before or during your trip. Our services, in this regard, are available 24/7.

Book now Pay later

You can reserve any seats by paying minimum deposit of 50£ as an initial deposit to secure seat and rest of the amount you can pay later.